Project Profile


MegaBox - Enterprise Square Five
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Kerry Properties Ltd.
Meinhardt (M&E) Ltd.
Main Contractor
China Overseas Building Construction Ltd.
Classification of Premises
Enterprise Square Five has a gross floor area of 1,600,000sq.ft. It comprises two 15-storeys office towers of total 500,000sq.ft. and 19-storeys large-scale shopping mall of 1,100,00sq.ft. MegaBox.
Scope of  Work
Supply, installation, testing & commissioning and maintenance of electrical services and extra low voltage installation, fire service installation and plumbing & drainage installation
  • Electrical services and extra low voltage installation comprising low voltage switchboard cubicle, busduct, cable & wiring system, lighting system, earthing and lightning protection system and HV system;
  • Fire service installation comprising fire hydrant / hose reel system, automatic sprinkler system, automatic and manual fire alarm system, audio and visual fire alarm system, FM200 fire suppression system, atrium base fire suppression system, very early smoke detection system, drencher system, portable appliance and relevant interfacing works with F.S. system;
  • Plumbing & drainage installation comprising potable water supply system, flushing water supply system, cleansing water supply system, stormwater system, soil & waste water system and water pump control system.
  • 160 l/s Centrifugal Separator